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May 11, 2011 For re-oiling, Bell & Gossett recommends the pump bearings be lubricated with 1 teaspoon of B&G 20# weight non-detergent oil at the start of each heating season. A SAE 20 oil A copy of the booster service manual can be obtained at no charge from the Bell & Gossett representative in your area. See the

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It is a constant speed booster pump package. Typically utilizes 1531 closed coupled vertical mounted pumps. But this custom package is flexible to use any type of pumps manufactured by B&G. Simplex, Duplex, Triplex and up to six constant speed parallel pumps can be handled with Technologic constant speed panel.

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1BL001 Bell & Gossett PL-36 Pump 1/6 HP Motor. The Bell & Gossett Series PL-36 cast iron small booster pump model PL-36 1BL001 for hydronic heating and cooling in closed loop systems to circulate water. The Bell & Gossett Pl-36 is permanently lubricated $282.95. Add To Cart

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Bell & Gossett 1BL001 - PL-36, 1/6 HP Cast Iron Booster Pump - Please Note: Flanges not included. The Series PL close coupled booster pumps are specifically designed for quiet operation in hydronic, radiant and geothermal heating and cooling systems. Features: B&G's powerful, dry-motor design delivers exceptional