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Jul 12, 2012 Vacuum pumps that support instrumentation sensitivity are typically integrated with the instruments they support, and are rarely purchased Because of the oil seal, these pumps can typically reach vacuum pressures of 10–3 Torr—substantially deeper vacuum than most dry lab vacuum pumps, which 

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Large pumping speeds and compact sizes are ideal for many applications in the research, analytical instrument, and laboratory markets. IDP pumps are hermetic, with the motor and all bearings completely isolated from the vacuum path. This design extends the bearing life and provides clean, dry vacuum to the application.

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VACUUM EQUIPMENT. FOR RESEARCH AND From the smallest school laboratory, to international R&D projects, our products and Vacuum products for key applications. nXDS/XDS dry scroll pump s. EM/R. V rotary vane pump s. nEXT turbomolecular pump s. Turbomolecular pumping stations. STP magne tically le.

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Labconco's vacuum pump product line provides reliable vacuum sources for a variety of needs. The lab vacuum pump systems, including the Scroll oil free vacuum pump, provide a low maintenance