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4. PUMP QUICK SELECTION CHART. 5. LABORATORY APPLICATIONS. Rotary Evaporator. 6-9. Vacuum Manifold (Schlenk Line). 10-11. Aspirator. 12-13 . 35 l/min. 2042B-01. Welch High Capacity PTFE. Pump. 100 l/min. 2054B-01. CRVpro Pump. 160 l/min. 3061-01. Gel Dryer. DRYFAST - Chemical Duty Pump.

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These high quality vacuum pumps and accessories allow us to offer you a complete vacuum systems. Alcatel – Oil – Rotary Vane pumps High Contamination Tolerance -Large Oil Capacity Dilutes Contaminants; Reduced Frictional Wear -Low (580) RPM for low wear and cool operation; Nitrogen Purge -degas and cool 

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Dry vacuuum pumps, such as Scroll Vacuum Pumps, Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps, Diaph. There are four main types commonly used in laboratories for freeze drying (lyophilization), evaporation and concentration. Rotary Vane vacuum pumps reach deep ultimate vacuum levels and have high displacement capacity.

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Results 1 - 6 of 6 Rotary Vane Direct Drive Vacuum Pumps provide a reliable vacuum source for a variety of laboratory products including FreeZone Freeze Dryers, Protector Controlled Atmosphere These rotary vane vacuum pumps are available with displacement capacities of 117 or 195 liters per minute (at 60 Hz).

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your application. Consult your Welch representative to make vacuum work right for you. Rotary Evaporation. 2-5. Chemstar Dry. 6. Vacuum Manifolds. 7 2042B-01. Welch High Capacity PTFE. Pump. 100 l/min. 6 torr (8.0mbar). 2054B-01. Vacuum. Manifold. Schlenk Line. DuoSeal® &. ChemStar® Pumps. 25 l/min.

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The Edwards RV pumps offer an excellent ultimate pressure with good pumping speeds as well as superior vapor handling capabilities and quiet operation. The RV series of small oil-sealed rotary vane pumps deliver excellent ultimate vacuum pressure, high pumping speeds and superior vapour handling capabilities with