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26 23 20 17 13 10 4. 2. 0. Discharge Pressure. Pump Output Litres per min./Gallons per min. Model. Kw. 225 250 275 300 325 350 375 400 425 450 475 500 525 550 .. Pressure boosting. Tank filling. Water transfer. Wash down. Irrigation. Specifications. Flows to 190 m3/hr. Heads to 89 m. Power up to 22 kW.

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for use with drinking water. CONSTRUCTION. APPLICATIONS. PERFORMANCE. GRUNDFOS CM BOOSTER. Discharge Pressure (kPa/psi). Pumps. 150. 200 . 100 120 Q [l/m in ]. CH 4. 50 Hz. -6 0. TM 03 1590 2405. As a guide 1 tap = 10 litres per minute 1 sprinkler = 15 litres per minute. Bare pumps only - there is a

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If there is no further water demand the pump stops. FREQUENCY CHANGER. Applications. - Pressure boosting. - Irrigation. - Industrial washing equipment Model. Dimensions mm. A. Weight kg. PUMP PERFORMANCE. MODEL. CODE. VOLTAGE. (V). Amp. Q. L/1' m3/h. HP. Discharge head in meters. B. kW. C. D. E.

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Find the booster pump you need from the pumping specialists. Centrifugal Pumps with flow ranges from 10 to 900 litres/min and pressure ratings to 7 bar. Stainless Steel Pumps. Flow rate up to 350 l/min (21 m3/h). Head up to 20 m. Temperatures up to 90 C. Open impeller allows the pumping of liquids with high levels

Submersible Pump Sizing & Selection

Q: So what determines the necessary size of the pump? A: Flow rate & the amount of lift required. 1. Flow Rate: Make sure the aquifer is capable of supporting your desired flow rate. Do you have any pump test data? Why not? 2. Lift: Submersible pumps do not build pressure. They provide lift which overcomes head

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A type of centrifugal pump used to increase the pressure of liquid that is already flowing from one place to another in a pipeline. They are employed in many varied applications and may be used in combination with vertical turbine pumps or vertical submersible pumps to further boost the pressure (head) of irrigation or